The Soft Boy Aesthetic Style – Outfits Guide

Soft boy fashion is a modern styling category for men who are shy, artistic, or sensitive in nature. The soft boy aesthetic recently got attention among men mainly from social networking platforms i.e. TikTok, Instagram, etc. A new paradigm has been made men are moving towards less masculinity and changing society’s perspective of what men are. Soft boy styles mainly include a comfortable outfit. An outlook that is aesthetically appealing to the eyes as well as very comfortable to have.

A soft boy is not a regular man anymore, he reads poetry instead of watching football. He writes cute verses and romantic stories instead of hanging out in the bars with the boys at night. This cultural shift is supported by many celebrities as well. Harry Styles, a member of ONE DIRECTION, himself wears soft clothes. Many of his followers and fans inspired by him changed their outlook.

In a world full of hate and irregularities soft guys are taking over the world with love. Soft boys are also known to be aesthetic boys because of their aesthetic nature. Don’t be fooled by a soft guy’s outlook, he may seem very innocent but he will still break hearts. Girls are naturally attracted to a guy with soft aesthetics.

Where and How Soft Boys appeared?

In the late 2010s, this trend slowly caught up with this modern generation mainly from social media i.e. TikTok, Instagram. Social media was but not the only source of their origin. Celebrities including Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet also gave rise to this trend. Having millions of followers around the world soft boy style rapidly took over the world. Now it is becoming a major category of clothing. Not only soft boys came into being like this but e-boys followed the same track. These outfit trends are also known as the modern world online fashion trends. They have a huge share in internet culture.

How to Dress like a Pretty Boy – Boys Dressing Styles

Being a Soft boy is not something that is very difficult instead the outlook is pretty easy to pull off. It is in some ways opposite to its counterpart (E-Boy).

The basic recipe for a soft boy outlook contains a comfy shirt with pastel colors, which could be a long sleeve shirt or a tee shirt. Thin and long jeans or chinos cut from the end. White socks which are longer than usual ones. Set of white sneakers preferably VANS. For the tucked-in shirt a decent looking belt and last but not the least two layers of necklaces


For the complete guide on how to achieve pretty boy aesthetics, we have made up our own list of how to look aesthetically good.

Soft Boy Haircut

Before we get into the dressing part of the soft guy’s outfits let’s start with the hair. Soft guys are usually spotted with medium-sized haircuts usually curly hair cut or medium-sized layered haircut. Short hair cut is a big NO among soft guys. Harry Styles with the biggest fan following of soft guys himself wears a curly styled medium haircut.

Soft Boy Wardrobe

Soft boy outlook is very easy to pull off. Surprisingly the outfits are easy to recreate and are very comfortable to wear because of the type of fabric and styling.

For the casual soft boy, outfit go with a comfy long sleeve tee shirt pair it with washed off denim jeans. To top it off wear white sneakers preferably VANS or NIKE. Jewelry is a must for the complete outlook. Metal rings, padlock necklaces, and shiny belts are mandatory.

For the cold weather, wear a crew neck sweater with pastel colors with a washed off denim jacket. Accessorize your outlook with white plain sneakers, tube socks, and a belt. Soft boys also like to wear a collar button-down shirt under their crew neck sweater or shirt.

In addition to denim jackets, soft guys also love to wear windbreakers, flannels, or retro styled jackets. Wear a button-down shirt over your tucked-in tee shirt, Jean’s ends rolled up with tube socks, two layers of metal chains around your neck.

Soft boys usually like to wear vintage styled outfits. The most common outlook is a vintage look. They combine a vintage look with a touch of retro styling. E-boys usually wear dark color clothing opposite to a soft boy. Not only the colors are soft in their clothing but also the personality of the soft boy compliments it. Soft colors, rough medium styled haircuts, oversized comfortable shirts layered with a button-down collared shirt, white sneakers with high tops, long tube socks, plain simple belt, metal rings in their fingers, padlock necklaces, are the basic characteristic items of a soft boy outfits.

If you are interested in this type of fashion aesthetic we have compiled a category under the name SOFT BOY OUTFITS you can check out the clothing items of soft boys.

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Soft Boy Tops

Favorite soft boy tops usually are comfortable and pleasant looking. They are usually oversized in nature. Pastel color tops, striped tops, bowling shirts, denim jackets, windbreakers, vintage shirts, and loose oversized sweaters are some of the tops in a soft boy’s wardrobe.

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Soft Boy Shoes

Most soft boys like to wear classic shoes mainly sneakers. The most in-demand shoes among soft boys are high top converse, Nike Air Force, Slip-on VANS, and Adidas Stan Smiths. Soft boys usually wear tube socks of white color and roll their pants up to show them.


Soft Boy Accessories

Soft boys like to accessories their outfits with chains, vintage glasses, belts, and other small things. From Cuban styled chains to vintage styled round-framed glasses. Accessorize should not be too overwhelming they should complement your style and outlook.

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