Soft Boy Definition

What is a Soft Boy?​

Soft boys, or soft bois, is a recently coined term used to describe men who reject traditional masculine traits and act more tender and feminine. The exact definition of soft boys is a more vast topic, as the word goes beyond just an overall style that boys can adopt. The name, suggests that to qualify as a soft boy, you need to have display attributes that do not conform to stereotypes associated with men. For example, wearing vintage, baggy clothing, painting the nails, and having long and gentle hairstyles instead of rigid ones are some looks associated with soft boys.

This aesthetic is getting progressively popular on social media platforms, as more well-known celebrities adopt the specialties of soft boys. One prominent soft boy in pop culture is Harry Styles, a musician who often wears feminine clothing to major events. It is important to understand that adopting soft boy culture is not an attempt to become feminine and get rid of one’s masculine identity. Rather, it means to be a non-threatening, and non-toxic man who can embrace feminine traits while still being secure in his masculinity.

How did Soft Boy Culture Start?​

The origin of soft boy culture is obvious when we take a look at the influence of K-pop bands over western culture. In Korean culture, the soft aesthetic is prevalent among both boys and girls. Kpop is also all about aesthetics, and everything in the industry has been crafted to be as visually pleasing as possible. This includes the artist’s costumes, music videos, and lyrics. Since then, many western celebrities adopted soft boy fashion and became a favorite among social media users.

What Are Some Common Characteristics of Soft Boys?

Soft boy fashion typically includes pastel colors, neutral tones, and natural hairstyles. However, soft boy culture is not just limited to looks. It also refers to the way boys behave and interact with women. Soft boys tend to more compassionate towards their female partners and are not afraid to partake in activities with them that men usually do not do. They are more respectful and understanding, often expressing interest in girls’ feelings and trying their best to be emotionally supportive.

Apart from dealing with girls, being a soft boy means having different or alternative interests than those of typical males. They are likely to have literature, or vintage music as their hobbies and you are unlikely to find them in crowded parties, or clubs. It is easy to spot a soft boy, as they often stand out among other boys. They are bound to be nicer, smarter, and easier to talk to. Some of them might also be slightly introverted, but they are great at conversation once you get them talking.

What is Soft Boy Fashion?

A lot of people consider soft boy fashion to be basic, and unoriginal. This is because soft boys tend to have lean, skinny body types. Mirroring the looks of K-pop idols and other prominent people such as Timothee Chalamet, soft boys usually do not have muscular and bulky physiques. When viewing the soft boy aesthetic, you will come across apparel such as fluffy sweaters, knitted cardigans, dark or nude colors, faded pieces of denim, and more. These can be matched with classic pieces of jewelry or vintage sunglasses.

soft boy definition

In addition to this, floral patterns are also a part of most soft boy outfits. K-pop artists are often seen in brightly colored costumes, sometimes with their hair in matching bubblegum colors. Soft boys style colors into their outfits in a different way than the stereotypical image of men. The objective is to look ‘soft’, or ‘cute’, and not fierce and masculine.

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