E Girl Style Guide – How To Be An Egirl

What is The E girl Style?

The egirl trend is a mixture of retro aesthetics, punk styles, and rave culture from the 2000s. It is difficult to maintain a solid definition of what’s an e-girl what the E-girl style refers to, as the trend itself is still developing and changing. However, at its base, egirl fashion is characterized by young boys (called e-boys) and girls dressing up in angsty, emo outfits with soft tones. As for the name, the ‘E’ in E-girl style stands for ‘Electronic’. The aesthetic quality is quite heavy with egirl looks, as they can be easily spotted among online personalities. The e-girl fashion is quite popular on social media platforms such as Tumblr, and TikTok, where girls take inspiration from grunge, and soft aesthetics which give them the appearance of a soft egirl. The E-girl culture started from the aesthetic portrayed by K-pop, anime, and Asian culture in general.

How to Dress Like an E girl

Under the egirl trend, you are bound to find numerous cool girl outfits, that can be styled in a dozen different ways for you to figure out how to be an e girl. The egirl trend blends in other categories, and the aesthetic is commonly crossed over with soft girl fashion. To understand really what’s an egirl, you need to know more than how to dress like an egirl. The egirl looks are attained from poses, lighting, and the overall content on your social media.

Browsing through the Instagram accounts of prominent egirls, you will notice that the plaid texture is quite common in most cute egirl outfits. This because having a plaid crop top or a plaid mini skirt can be styled with any item of clothing. It also does a great job to define egirl. E girl outfits 2019 were seen heavily involved with plaid skirts paired with printed fishnet stockings, another favorite clothing item among e-girl looks. The color scheme in soft egirl outfits is usually kept neutral, with grey and brown being a favorite.

However, this can not be said for egirl makeup, which is noted for having light, pastel tones often involving pink and red. On some occasions, a bright pop of blue or pink may be added to the entire outfit to highlight certain features such as the print on the crop tops, or the chunky sneakers. On the topic of egirl shirts, some girls may prefer crop tops while others go for oversized t-shirts over long-sleeved and striped shirts. This creates a classic vintage look that is admired by the hot egirl community.

E-girl Makeup And Cute E Girl Hairstyles

The egirl makeup look is achieved by applying heavy, winged eyeliner that is sharp around the edges. This is paired with a rose pink blush over the nose and the cheeks to give a sunburned look. Despite this, the egirl eyeliner balances the strong blush and gives a cute e-girl outfit appearance. The eyeshadow is often matte in pink or orange hues, and the lipstick matches. On top of this, a careful highlighter is applied over the cheekbones and the tip of the nose, which completes the egirl face and creates a pink e girl look. Some egirl looks also include drawing hearts under the eyes with black eyeliner, which is a throwback to the retro era of the ’80s. Go online to browse through numerous egirl makeup tutorial, so you can figure out how to do egirl makeup.

Bangs and short hair, with bright streaks in unnatural colors, are usually a part of cute e girl hairstyles. Egirl hair dye styles consist of dyeing one section of your hair in colors such as neon green (a favorite among egirl costumes) is also quite common. Plenty of contrast is the way to go with e girl hairstyles in general, and the whole outfit as well. Egirl outfits are not complete without egirl accessories, which include choker necklaces, vintage butterfly hairclips, and hairpins. These accessories from the early 2000s elevate the e-girl fashion and bring attention to the hair and eyes. They are also used to complement the rest of the colors in the outfit. For example, purple hairclips can be used to highlight your bright purple sneakers and vice versa.

Where To Buy E girl Clothes

The oversized t-shirts that are usually a part of egirl clothes and e girl fashion are brought from prominent artists and the merch they sell. This includes Billie Eilish, a major influence on the egirl culture, and other social media influencers. K-pop bands such as BTS, and indie bands such as 1975 are also responsible for providing the t-shirts and hoodies worn in cute egirl outfits.

Other than this, an egirl clothing store such as Urban Outfitters can help you find the e girl shoes and e girl accessories that you need. Zappos is one of the leading e girl clothing stores, and it will be the wise choice for finding chunky sneakers and platform boots and sandals. For more vintage items, try your luck with Topshop or Amazon, which have a wide selection of choker necklaces, butterfly hairclips, and fishnet tights. An online shopping outlet known as Aesthetry has a large selection of soft e girl clothing and accessories that you can browse. It is difficult to find egirl clothes cheap, but you will surely find some at the Aesthetry egirl store.

To have an awesome wardrobe with great e-girl outfits in it, go check out our e-girl category. Where we have specially filtered-out outfits for all the e-girls out there on the internet.

E-Girl Outfits

Egirl Outfit Ideas

To really stand out in your e girl pictures, you can always add colored cargo trousers to your soft egirl outfit. Make sure you get ones that are a little loose around your thighs, so you can hold them up with a studded classic belt. If you have a petite figure, you can solidify your egirl looks by wearing high-waisted cargo pants in a bold color like striking red, or pink. Pair this with a short crop top that shows off your hourglass figure and makes your legs look more elongated.

If you want to adopt a different egirl style, you can work your way with miniskirts and jackets. This is best done by choosing a skirt that has a slight slit on the side, so it can highlight your fishnets or bare legs, whatever suits you. Leather skirts or pleated ones are popular at the moment, worn with or without belts. For the tops, you can opt for mesh long-sleeved shirts over spaghetti-strapped crop tops, usually of a dark color. These outfits are often customized according to the season, for example, an oversized denim jacket would be worn over the miniskirt and crop tops if it is chilly outside.

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