Cute Baddie Outfits Ideas That You Can Wear to School

What Are Instagram Baddies?

Qualifying as an Instagram baddie is a recent, fast-growing trend that young women all over the internet are trying to adopt. The baddie style took form in the late 2010s, and it is generally related to women who take influence from famous models and beauty gurus on Instagram and dress in a similar way. This is not limited to just clothing, as baddie makeup is also associated with most baddie outfits. Baddie makeup usually incorporates nude, neutral shades accompanied by heavily defined eyeliner and eyebrows. Baddies who are famous on Instagram are known for their confidence regarding their baddie style, and for incorporating the latest fashion trends into their outfits.

Where Do Baddies Shop From?

As most baddie outfits are inspired by prominent models who shop from luxurious designer brands, being a baddie often considered expensive. However, it is possible to be a baddie even on a budget. Most Baddies famous for their cool outfits shop from clothing lines such as Fashion Nova, and Pretty Little Thing. Both these stores are US-based and provide the trendiest clothing to suit your baddie aesthetic. Your preferred baddie outfits can also be purchased from international clothing brands such as Adidas, or stores with more diverse clothing such as Forever 21.

What Do Baddie Outfits Look Like?

Casual baddie outfits usually include tracksuits and other sport-based clothing. They include oversized T-shirts and jumpers, that are usually graphic printed or have sharp quotes printed on them. Often, baddies are seen wearing cropped T-shirts, or tops with thin straps along with thick sweatpants. The sweatpants, usually with ribbed hems, are a staple in baddie outfits. They can have different prints such as camo or checks. As you can probably guess, the baddie clothing style tends to suit women with a defined hourglass figure. This means a narrow waist, wide hips, and long legs.

Tracksuits are comfortable and give a classy, sleek vibe to the whole outfit. They are popular in colors such as bright pink or red, paired with darker or matching tops. Another clothing trend that has been adopted by almost every baddie is the cycling shorts trend. These are cropped leggings that stop just above the knee and remain fitted around the thighs. These shorts are incredibly versatile and they can be styled into whichever baddie outfit you choose to wear. They are typically worn with oversized t-shirts gathered into a knot at the waist. Under this, you can wear chunky sneakers with thick soles that are also quite popular with the baddie aesthetic.
Baddie outfits for summer are largely dependent on ripped jeans. One look that stands out among baddies is the straight fit, slightly oversized pair of jeans with large cuts around the knees. This denim style is quite popular among female influencers, as it is a classic look that suits every body type. It can also be worn on any occasion. Style your favorite ripped jeans with a tank top, or an oversized sweatshirt to complete your summer baddie outfit. If you prefer wearing fitted tops instead, you can add an oversized or puffer jacket to your outfit, in the same color scheme as your ripped jeans.

How To Look Like an Instagram Baddie

Dressing like a baddie on Instagram does not have to be difficult if you know where to shop from and what to do. If you are struggling with the perfect hourglass shape, buy oversized pants and tie them at the narrowest part of your waist. This will give the impression of a more toned figure and make your waist look slimmer. Chunky sneakers are specially made to heighten your figure and make you look taller. If ripped jeans are not your thing, wear them with a brightly colored mini-skirt, and a full-sleeved top. This will draw attention to your limbs and create a baddie style similar to those of famous Instagram models.

As for makeup, baddie fashion usually draws inspiration from conventional beauty standards. The looks of celebrities such as the Kardashians are a major influence on baddie makeup. Large amounts of lip gloss and winged eyeliner are some of the staples in the makeup done by Instagram baddies. This makeup tends to look better on slightly tanned women. A lot of effort is done to make the eyebrows arched and fuller, and the same is done for the eyes by using heavy, fake eyelashes. Apart from this, the makeup look is kept natural and bold lipsticks are usually avoided.

What is The Baddie Aesthetic and How Can You Style it For School?


The baddie aesthetic is not complete without a few accessories, such as pastel pins on either side of your head. This adds a bright and colorful element to the rest of your outfit and also keeps your hair in place. Pastel colors tend to go well with other neutral schemes, and you can wear a long-sleeved pastel shirt under a short-sleeved oversized t-shirt. If you do not want to stick anything onto your hair, you can always wear necklaces with thick chains under your collar, or a large belt to keep your oversized sweatpants in place. If you are not into heavy jewelry, there is always the option to keep a fresh set of nails in whichever fun color you desire. According to the weather, you can switch your crop tops for cropped hoodies, some interesting outfits can definitely be constructed this way.
Most of the baddie apparel consists of comfortable everyday clothing, with a unique matching technique. This is why you can style your clothes into baddie outfits for college girls as well. For baddies, the brightest and outstanding colors are usually a preference. They make the entire outfit more appealing and easier to accessorize. When you go shopping for your aesthetic baddie outfits, make sure you purchase a few neon articles, as they stand out immensely. Remember that being a baddie is also about being confident, and making your outfits as unique and stylish as possible. You need to have the right attitude in addition to having the right clothes.

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